Environmental Quality


Water Quality

The water quality of the Severn Estuary is an important indicator of the overall health of the Estuary’s ecosystem and also an important factor in influencing tourism, recreational activities and the commercial/industrial sectors. Water quality in the Estuary, as with other estuaries, is complex; with a large variety of inputs from numerous different sources and complex interactions between contaminants and ‘master variables’ such as salinity and dissolved oxygen. Due to the high levels of suspended sediment and the tendency of many contaminants to associate with particulate matter due to their low solubility, sediment quality is also an important issue in the Estuary. MORE

Bathing Waters

Each year millions of people visit Europe’s hugely diverse beaches and inland bathing areas, and naturally there is a keen interest in the quality of the bathing waters. The European Union and its Members States have been working for years to improve water quality. Today Europe’s bathing waters are much cleaner than thirty years ago when large quantities of untreated or partially treated municipal and industrial wastewater were discharged into watercourses and at coastal sites. MORE

Air Quality

Poor air quality caused by pollution can have significant adverse effects upon human health and ecosystems. Pollutants can be in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases. They may come from natural sources (such as volcanic eruptions) or man-made, such as power generation, industrial processes and transport emissions. MORE

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