Severn Estuary Forum 2006

Changing Times and Tides – 1st Severn Estuary Forum

Thursday 8th June 2006
Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon

Severn Estuary Forum

During 2005 the SEP began considering the approach to establishing a Severn Estuary Forum. A presentation had been made to the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) in Spring 2005 by the newly appointed Severn Estuary Partnership Officer (Natasha Barker) to initiate consideration of the role of a Forum. It was further discussed at the October 2005 meeting of the JAC and Management Group meetings (minutes available) who agreed to proceed with establishing the Forum. It was considered that this was a missing part of the operating structure of SEP and would play a valuable part in the development of our services. It would initiate the platform for an annual conference with an estuary-wide cross-sectoral remit which was not currently available. Similair initiatives existed for other UK estuaries and coastal areas and were popular.

Severn Wonders Festival

To launch the 1st Severn Estuary Forum, the SEP team and Management Group considered options to get the initiative off to a good start and help celebrate the Severn Estuary. With support available through the EC COASTATLANTIC project for stakeholder involvement work, there was an opportunity for SEP to put resources into trialling a new community orientated initiative.

The SEP team and Management Group briefly considered hosting a one-day festival alongside or as part of the Severn Estuary Forum conference – a ‘Severn Estuary Day’. However, based on experience from elsewhere (e.g. Wash Week, Dart Festival, Marine Week in SE England and the River Parrett Festival) it was decided that it would be more appropriate for SEP to co-ordinate awareness of existing events and support local clubs/organisations in promoting their own events. Bearing in mind the size of the estuary and diversity of potential events to be linked with a themed Severn Estuary Festival, it was considered that a three week period would allow maximum publicity and participation.

The term Severn Wonders was identified in a pre-meeting of the Severn Wonders Working Group in Autumn 2005. Prior to formal establishment of a Working Group, SEP staff met twice with South Gloucestershire Council and WWF representatives, who indicated that they would be keen to sponsor such an initiative. It was during these early stages of formulating ideas for a Festival that this small pre-working group made a recommendation to the Management Group to initiate a 3 week festival based on coordinating information for a series of events all around the estuary (as opposed to SEP organising and hosting individual events).

Delegates Programme 

1st Severn Estuary Forum and Severn Wonders Festival Report 

Severn Wonders Festival 2006 

1st Severn Estuary Forum PowerPoint Presentations

Celebrating the Severn
Climate Change: Recent and Regional Predictions
Renewable Energy
Flood Risk Management


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