Severn Estuary Forum 2011


State of the Severn Estuary

Friday the 23rd September 2011
Julian Hodge Building, Cardiff University, Cardiff

The 2011 Severn Estuary Forum was held on Friday 23rd of September. The Severn Estuary Forum takes place annually and is intended for all interested in learning about the latest research and policy developments dealing with the Severn Estuary and its future, through offering a lively and informative day of presentations and talks. This year’s event focussed on new knowledge and the latest developments in energy generation, flooding control and climate change adaptation in the estuary.

Highlights in this year’s programme included:

  • FLOOD RISK – the latest research findings on storm surges, weather events and the implications of the Flood Risk Management Strategy and the Shoreline Management Plan 2.
  • ENERGY – developments at the conventional power generators, nuclear expansion at Oldbury and Hinkley Point and regional innovations in marine renewable technologies.
  • ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE – the EU IMCORE Project guidance plus the long-awaited State of the Estuary Report.
  • LESSONS FROM EUROPE – guest speaker from the Hamburg Port Authority (Elbe, Germany)
  • SEVERN ON TV – especially as seen in the BBC’s influential and very popular Coast.

Full Severn Estuary Forum 2011 Programme 

Chair and Speakers’ Notes 

For photos of this event, follow this link: Severn Estuary Forum 2011 Flickr Group

Initial feedback from the event indicates that delegates had a rewarding and enjoyable day, celebrating the diversity of our estuary and embracing the importance of marine planning and the need to work together towards a sustainable future. The Severn Estuary Partnership would like to thank the IMCORE and DeltaNet projects for sponsoring the 2011 Forum, the speakers and chairs for their contributions to they day and all those who helped to make the event a success. Should you wish to find out more about the event or feedback on the day, please do not hesitate to contact the Partnership Office.

Severn Estuary Forum 2011 PowerPoint Presentations
Welcome and Introductions
The Port Sector
Flood Risk and Adaptation
Energy in the Estuary

Cultural Impacts and Responses to Offshore Renewable Energy: The Offshore Renewable Energy Impact Network (OREIN) – Nigel Nayling

For details on what happened at the previous year’s forum, photos of the event and copies of the presentations – follow this link: Severn Estuary Forum 2010

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