European Projects

DELTANET – a network of European deltas (2010 – 13)

An INTERREG IVC project sharing best practice in estuary/delta management across a network of European estuaries and deltas

Key themes:

  • Integrated management and coordinated policy for deltas and estuaries
  • Flood and sediment management
  • Environmental Quality
  • Delta/estuary awareness

 A summary of some of the key findings of Deltanet is provided in the following paper:

Rovira, A., Ballinger, R., Ibáñez, C., Parker, P., Owen, G.,Dominguez, M. D., Simon, X., … & Vernaeve, L. (2014). Sediment imbalances and flooding risk in European deltas and estuaries. Journal of soils and sediments, 14(8), 1493-1512

DeltaNet Project – Final Report  April 2013

The DELTANET Partnership followed on from the LES ESTUARIALES (1990 – 2009) partnership of municipal and regional Authorities with responsibility for the sustainable management of several European Estuaries.

DeltaNet Project Website

IMCORE – Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource (2008 – 11)

An INTERREG IVB project looking at the impacts of climate change on coastal areas involving SEP and various partners around North West Europe

  • Lots of local resources for the Severn were produced:
    • Education resources
    • Severn Estuary Scenarios
    • Climate change report cards

Further Information


COREPOINT – Coastal Research and Policy Integration (2004 – 2008)

An INTERREG IIIB project which aimed to build capacity for Integrated Coastal Zone Management among researchers and local spatial planners. This was achieved through a partnership approach in a number of case study areas across North West Europe.

A unique aspect of the project was the way that policy was influenced by research and vice versa in consideration of coastal zones. As part of our involvement, SEP produced:

A summary of some of the key findings of COREPOINT is provided in the following journals:

The Point of COREPOINT

Marine Policy

Coastal and Ocean Management Volume 53, Issue 12


COASTATLANTIC – Integrated Coastal Zone Management: towards an Atlantic Vision (2003 – 2006)

An Interreg 3B involving partners from Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, and Portugal. The aim was to develop a vision for integrated coastal zone management on Europe’s western seaboard based on the experience of delivering a range of local initiatives.

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