In 2001, the Partnership produced the first Severn Estuary Strategy to provide a strategic management framework for the Severn Estuary. Its aim was to “bring together all those involved in the development, management and use of the Estuary within a framework which encourages the integration of their interests and responsibilities to achieve common objectives.”

The Strategy covered a wide range of issues and opportunities and was developed to provide detailed justification for an integrated and co-operative approach to action on the Severn Estuary. It aimed to involve all the users (across sector, both statutory and non-statutory bodies and commercial organisations) around the Estuary in its future management. It also promoted a series of ‘policies’ to encourage more sustainable management practice on the Estuary and to address the challenge of realistically and sustainably managing competing demands. To help illustrate how the policies could be acted upon, the Strategy listed ‘proposals for action’ for partner organisations.

For more recent information on the Severn Estuary, please look at our State of the Severn Estuary Report

English Summary 

Welsh Summary 

Full Strategy (English) 

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