Set up in 1995, the Severn Estuary Partnership is an independent, estuary-wide non-statutory initiative led by local authorities and statutory agencies, hosted by Cardiff University. We work with all those involved in the management of the estuary, from planners to port authorities, fishermen to farmers and many more with an interest in the future of the estuary.

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Severn Estuary Partnership Region

The area covered by the Severn Estuary Partnership is shown on the map below. The area runs from just above Gloucester to Hurlstone point near Minehead on the English coast and Nash Point (West of Barry) on the Welsh coast.


The Partnership brings people together to resolve problems and realise opportunities for the Severn Estuary. To do this we:

  • Facilitate effective communication across, and between, organisations and individuals across both sides of the Estuary.
  • Establish and embed a set of ‘common principles’ for sustainable estuary use via Partners’ strategies, policies and action plans
  • Act as a co-ordinating body to assist the effective and efficient delivery of agreed estuary-wide actions
  • Promote and publicise the estuary at a local, national and international level
  • Add value and fill gaps in effective estuary management, providing extra capacity when required.


Alongside our day-to-day work, we also deliver a wide range of projects around the estuary, including projects on marine spatial planning, coastal management and community engagement and wellbeing across the Severn Estuary region. You can take a look at our past and current projects here.


We are funded by our members. Members are offered the opportunity to become part of our SEP Management Group, which provides advice and guidance, and oversees the work that the partnership does through regular meetings and communication with the SEP team. Current members include representatives from local authorities and government agencies from across the Severn Estuary area.

Why should you be involved?

It is vital that your interests in the Severn Estuary are represented to ensure the Partnership is truly representative. We want to ensure that all those working in issues relating to the Severn Estuary, its environment and its management are represented. Contact us discuss your involvement and/or membership of SEP, or for more information.


The Severn Estuary Partnership:

  • Provides a flexible and supportive service to all those involved in management or with an interest in the Estuary
  • Promotes a strategic estuary–wide view on issues, policies and proposals for action on the Severn through the Strategy for the Severn Estuary
  • Acts as a mechanism for monitoring and reviewing progress made on actions suggested within the Strategy
  • Highlights examples of good practice
  • Sources funding and delivers new projects spanning multiple themes across the estuary.

Importantly, the Partnership provides an interface between the network of organisations operating around the Severn Estuary and the communities who live and work here, disseminating information and promoting stakeholder and community involvement through:

  • Facilitation of Public Consultation Processes: SMP2, South West Marine Plan Public Consultation
  • The Severn Tidings Annual Newsletter
  • Monthly SEP e-newsletter
  • Our social media channels
  • The SEP and Severn Estuary Gateway Websites
  • A database of estuary-wide organisations and contacts
  • A web based ‘Who Does What’ guide

Estuary Group Roles

The Partnership provides secretariat services for a number of groups:

Severn Estuary Coastal Group (SECG):

The Severn Estuary Coastal Group (SECG) works to promote sustainable shoreline management, and to facilitate the duties and responsibilities of local authorities and other organisations managing coastal protection & flood defence issues around the Severn Estuary.

Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group (BCSEG):

The Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group prepares for maritime pollution incidents where there is likely to be a threat of sea, land or air pollution. This preparation is to permit the activated Environment Group to provide public health and environmental advice and guidance with minimal delay to all the response groups that will be involved.

Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (ASERA):

ASERA (the Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities) are the statutory organisations (Relevant Authorities) around the Severn Estuary that came together to collectively manage their activities on the Severn Estuary European Marine Site.

The Wales Flood & Coastal Erosion Committee – Resources Sub-Committee (WFCEC Resources Sub-Committee):

The role of the Sub-Committee is to explore opportunities to maximise resources for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM), including partnership funding contributions. This reflects the obligation placed on the Committee by Measure 24 of the National Strategy for FCERM in Wales.

WCGF (Wales Coastal Group Forum):

The Wales Coastal Groups Forum is a non-statutory body made up of stakeholders with an interest on the coast. Its purpose is to represent the collective interests of coastal groups and to provide and communicate the strategic direction to coastal groups on coastal risk management matters.

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