Role of ASERA

Competent and Relevant authorities have a statutory duty to ensure that they carry out their functions in compliance with the EC Habitats Regulations.  The Regulations make provision for Relevant Authorities to establish a management scheme for a European Marine Site.ASERA is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Management Scheme for the Severn Estuary European Marine Site (EMS), which is comprised of the following


The Management Scheme is intended to provide a mechanism for Relevant Authorities to set the framework within which their activities will be managed. It aims to construct a clear picture of the effects of current use and will establish whether additional measures are required to meet the conservation objectives of the site. The Management Scheme allows the Relevant Authorities to discharge their statutory duties in compliance with the requirements of the Habitats Directive.

To view the ASERA Management Scheme, click here. For more detailed information on the Management Scheme, click here.

ASERA Management Structure

ASERA Management Group Representatives are drawn from the four main groups of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (see diagram below). This group facilitates and directs the development and implementation of the Management Scheme. It may also establish specific sub-groups to consider the development and operation of the Management Scheme to focus on particular areas of the European Marine Site or to address specific topics.

The ASERA Working Group was set up as sub-group of the Management Group to assist the Implementation Officer with administration and drafting of the Management Scheme, including the provision of detailed comments on various chapters. The ASERA Implementation Officer undertakes and facilitates the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the Management Scheme on behalf of ASERA members.








Members – Who is involved?


Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities 2015
Relevant Authority Members Management Group Working Group
Associated British Ports, South Wales Chris Green
Axe-Brue Drainage Board Nick Stevens CEO
Cardiff County Council (incl. Cardiff Harbour Authority) Matthew Harris
Devon & Severn IFCA Libby Ross (Chair)    
Forest of Dean District Council Alastair Chapman
Gloucester Harbour Trustees Mike Johnson
Gloucestershire County Council Gary Kennison
Monmouthshire County Council Matthew Lewis
Natural Resources Wales Rhys Morgan /Sarah Revill
Newport City Council Joanne Gossage
Newport Harbour Commissioners Jill Lloyd
North Somerset Levels IDB Ailsa Colbourne
North Somerset Council Gareth Withers
Parrett Internal Drainage Board Nick Stevens CEO
Sedgemoor District Council (incl.  Bridgwater Port) Richard Dunn
Somerset County Council Phil Higginbottom
South Gloucestershire Council David Villis
Stroud District Council Mark Russell
The Bristol Port Company Anne Hayes (Vice Chair)    
Trinity House Lighthouse Service Anthony Porter
Vale of Glamorgan Council Bob Guy
ASERA Officer Lucy Taylor


Relationships with other Estuary initiatives

There are a number of other groups with a Severn Estuary-wide remit, which were set up for various purposes:

The groups meet annually under the Joint Estuary Groups Initiative which provides a common platform for Estuary-wide debate and discussion, helping to aid the integrated management of the Severn. For more information, please see the Memorandum of Understanding between the various Estuary groups.

The diagram below illustrates the relationship between the Estuary groups, highlighting the opportunities and ways in which the groups work in partnership.

Who should I contact for more information?

If you want to find out more about the Severn Estuary European Marine Site, have a look around our website. Alternatively contact the ASERA Officer, based at the Severn Estuary Partnership Office.








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