Berrow Beach

Berrow Beach

Berrow beach is a six-mile stretch of pristine beach, with sand dunes that support a diverse selection of insects and 270 species of wildflower.

During low tide, you can discover the wreck of the SS Normen, a Norwegian Barque, that ran aground here in 1897. On a stormy March day, south westerly winds swept ships aground across the Severn Estuary, including the SS Normen. Despite the challenging weather, the ship’s 10 crewmembers (and their dog!) were safely rescued by the Burnham Lifeboat. The ship itself could not be saved and its wreck is what you can see lying in the sand today.

It is important to keep safe on this beach!  

  • The tidal nature of the beach means that large areas can disappear under the waves: keep an eye on the rising tide, and check times before you visit!
  • Mud around the SS Normen can be dangerous, so keep away a safe distance

For more information about safety on the Severn, visit:

For more information, visit:

Litter Picking Tips:

Find out how you can help keep your local beaches and coastline for everyone to enjoy while protecting the special features of the Severn Estuary.

  1. Stick to public rights of way and avoid trampling sensitive habitats like saltmarsh and reefs of Sabellaria (honeycomb tubeworm).
  2. Leave natural materials behind and don’t take any rocks plants or other items home.
  3. Avoid disturbing wildlife.
  4. Keep your dog under effective control to protect wildlife by avoiding disturbance along the coast, especially where birds are feeding, breeding and resting.
  5. Check tide times and weather forecasts before you visit the coast.

For more information take a look at the ASERA Good Practice Guidelines

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