Black Rock

Black Rock

Black Rock offers amazing views across the Severn Estuary and the two Severn Bridge crossings. The area has its own unique history of Lave Net fishing, which has been active since the 1920s. The fishermen preserve this method and are the last few remaining who use this method. The fishermen fish using the y-shaped lave net, which is made in the traditional way from local willow and has an ash handle. Fishing takes place at low tide, where the fishermen walk into the estuary to waist height to fish for their catch! Time your visit right, and this can be watched from the picnic site. Quite an interesting tradition to watch whilst eating a sandwich! Remember that these fishermen are experienced and have worked with the estuary their entire lives. Remember to stay safe and avoid walking out on the mudflats or entering the water. For more information on safety, visit our Safety on the Severn page.

At Black Rock, the rocky shore and vast mudflats stretch as far as the eye can see, and species such as the buzzard can be spotted in the air. Shelduck, oystercatcher and curlew can also be spotted on the mud at low tide. A half-mile stroll along the coast path leads to the Sudbrook Chapel ruins, dating back to the 12th century. If you want to go further back in time, the Sudbrook Camp shows the ruins of a late iron-age clifftop fort.

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The second Severn crossing (Photo credit Harshil Shah, 2015)

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