Clevedon is a historic Victorian town, popular for its Grade 1 listed pier, pebbled beaches and cafés overlooking the marine lake. The town was originally established in 1869 to receive paddle steamers, steam power boats popular at the time. from Devon and Wales. From there, the town rapidly grew, and many tourists flocked to the town to enjoy its sea breeze and to walk along the pier. The pier’s beautiful design has stood the test of time, recently celebrating its 150th birthday, and, today, is the focal point for many events that take place in Clevedon, including weddings! The original Victorian Pagoda at the end of the pier  houses a characterful café, offering hot drinks and cakes, among other treats. The Porthole Room offers a unique view of the estuary from underneath the pier, where you can even get up close to the ocean waves. Pop into the museum for a range of hands-on exhibits for all the family and learn more about the history of the estuary.

Clevedon pier (Photo credit Alison Day, 2016)

Another place in the village full of charm and history is the Grade II listed Curzon Cinema. Built in1912, the cinema’s first event was a fundraiser for the relatives of the Titanic disaster – it has remained a hub for the community, screening films for its more than 100-year history and today has a busy screening schedule, as well as hosting live comedy and arts performances. Clevedon Marine Lake has its own claim to fame as the world’s largest seawater infinity pool, containing 30 million litres of seawater. Take part in water zorbing, crabbing and events such as Light up the Lake – a dazzling light show, or the New Year’s dip.

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Litter Picking Tips:

Find out how you can help keep your local beaches and coastline for everyone to enjoy while protecting the special features of the Severn Estuary.

  1. Stick to public rights of way and avoid trampling sensitive habitats like saltmarsh and reefs of Sabellaria (honeycomb tubeworm).
  2. Leave natural materials behind and don’t take any rocks plants or other items home.
  3. Avoid disturbing wildlife.
  4. Keep your dog under effective control to protect wildlife by avoiding disturbance along the coast, especially where birds are feeding, breeding and resting.
  5. Check tide times and weather forecasts before you visit the coast.

For more information take a look at the ASERA Good Practice Guidelines

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