Newport Wetlands

Newport Wetlands

Newport Wetlands is a beautiful nature reserve overlooking the Severn Estuary. Some of the UK’s most interesting bird species are found here, including the bearded tit, dunlin, little egret, and little grebe. With each season, the wetlands change, and new species are invited to make their home in the marshy environment. In spring, swallows and swifts arrive from Africa, whereas in summer, the insects reign supreme. There are many colourful dragonflies and butterflies to spot during this time. Autumn brings curlews and redshanks looking for food in the estuary, and winter gives spectacular scenes of over 50,000 birds taking flight just before dusk. Pick out one of the many bird hides to watch this vibrant display from.

Newport wetlands visitor centre (Photo credit Ed Webster, 2014)

There are many walking trails to choose from in the wetlands, ranging from 1 mile to a more challenging 4-mile route, which offers views as far as Exmoor on clear days. There is an accessible trail and facilities on site for ease of access, as well as a café and picnic area so that you can make the most of those sunny Welsh days. A dedicated dog walking trail is also provided in the wetlands – please note that all other trails are non-dog walking areas.

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Litter Picking Tips:

Find out how you can help keep your local beaches and coastline for everyone to enjoy while protecting the special features of the Severn Estuary.

  1. Stick to public rights of way and avoid trampling sensitive habitats like saltmarsh and reefs of Sabellaria (honeycomb tubeworm).
  2. Leave natural materials behind and don’t take any rocks plants or other items home.
  3. Avoid disturbing wildlife.
  4. Keep your dog under effective control to protect wildlife by avoiding disturbance along the coast, especially where birds are feeding, breeding and resting.
  5. Check tide times and weather forecasts before you visit the coast.

For more information take a look at the ASERA Good Practice Guidelines

Natural sunset view of the Wetlands

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