Severn Beach and New Passage

Barry to Newport

A windswept stopping point for migratory birds and even seals, Severn Beach & New Passage offers incredible views over the Severn Estuary, the Northern Severn Crossing and the Royal Portbury Docks. The New Passage Ferry linked to the South Wales Union Railway in 1863, bringing workers and railway staff to Severn Beach Village. This led to the development of the Severn Tunnel by Great Western Railway in 1886. By 1922, Severn Beach expanded into a riverside resort. Now a quieter village, Severn Beach offers stunning views of the estuary and all its birdlife. Walkers can make use of the New Passage Heritage Trail, originally used to access the New Passage Ferry, and take in the tranquil river views. The Royal Portbury Docks are the most central in the UK, originally a small Roman port named Portus Abonae. The port was further established in 1239 to make use of the strong tidal current of the Severn Estuary, evolving into a bustling trade hub by the 14th century. John Cabot historically sailed from the docks to find passage to Indonesia, but ended up straying all the way to Newfoundland, Canada, instead!

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Severn bridge from Severn Beach (Photo credit Harshil Shah, 2015)

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