Human Environment



The Severn Estuary has long been a focus of human activity. People have lived and worked around the Estuary for millennia. It provides attractive settlement prospects, including resources (food, water, raw materials) as well as significant opportunities for trade and leisure. The Estuary is home to a relatively large human population of approximately 1 million people.

Within the Severn Estuary region there are significant conurbations with populations in excess of 100,000 people, including those around Cardiff, Newport and Bristol. There are also many other smaller towns and rural settlements on the extensive coastal plains around the Estuary. MORE


The Severn Estuary has one of the most rich and varied archaeological landscapes in Europe. The Estuary and its surrounding levels have been a focus of human settlement for millennia and evidence can be found preserved in the archaeological record throughout the region. The Severn Estuary region demonstrates the greatest concentration of coastal archaeology in Britain and provides an irreplaceable record of historic importance.

The historic landscape of the Estuary is far better preserved than most sites around the UK, owing to the permanently waterlogged conditions which assists the excellent preservation of organic remnants of past environments, such as wood which would otherwise degrade and eventually disappear. MORE

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