Discover the Severn Activity Packs

Have a read through all of the different activities that you can do to get outside and #DiscoveryourSevern Estuary!

Litter Bingo:

Have a go at litter picking in your local community – you can use the Litter Bingo sheets to see how many different types of litter you can find! Use the litter pickers, gloves, bin bags and hoops. Remember to read the safety sheet, sign out the kit on the litter picking form and bring the kit back when you are done!

Call of the Severn:

Our very own Severn story – the Call of the Severn is an immersive audio story of belonging and connection with the estuary. Take the memory stick from the box and insert it into a computer, navigate to the memory sticks
folders and choose the MP3 file named ‘Call of the Severn’ in either Welsh or English language. Best experienced with a cup of tea, this relaxing audio will transport you straight to the Severn.

Writers: Taylor Edmonds and Lucy Smith

Welsh translator: Aaron Facer

Composer: Martyn White

Recorded and edited by Antony Nasce

Project supervisors: Tanya Cox and Robert Walton

Coastal Geocaching:

Download the geocaching app and navigate to the geocaches or containers hidden around your local community using the app compass. Have a look at the fun facts in the cache and remember the two rules of geocaching…

  • If you take something from the geocache, leave something of equal or greater value
  • Let everyone know you found the cache by writing in the log-book!

Wildlife of the Severn:

Flip through this guide to learn about all the fascinating creatures that live in, on and around the Severn Estuary. Have a look at the back of the guide for the best places to visit for wildlife spotting and take it with you to identify what you see. Don’t forget to bring the guide back to the box when you are done!

Discover your Severn Access Maps:

Want to visit your local coastline? Then have a look at one of our Discover your Severn maps. They show you how to reach the coastline from your local community, whether that be on foot, by bike, train or bus. They show places to visit and whether they are free, wheelchair friendly, dog friendly, if there is parking and so much more! To use the maps just have a look at the key on the side and decide where you would like to go!

History of the Severn:

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the waves of the Severn? Or what the estuary was like in Roman times? If yes, then this guide is for you – with shipwrecks, piracy, smuggling, the industrial past and daily life around the estuary, there is something for everyone. This guide is jam-packed with facts about the Severn, arranged in a timeline format, with the earliest at the beginning and the most recent at the end!

Plant Life of the Severn:

Have a flip through our Plant Life Guide to find out what interesting species of plant you could find in, on and around the Severn Estuary. Look at the map on the back for places to visit and take the guide with you to identify the plants you see! Don’t forget to bring the guide back to the box when you are done!

Welsh Walks of the Severn:

If you fancy a wander along the iconic Severn coastline, take a look at our Welsh Walks of the Severn guide. With three walks of varying lengths for each community, there is lots to choose from. The route and information to help you find your way are included on each page of the guide along with photos to keep you on track.

Family Friendly Scavenger Hunt:

Get the whole family out and about in your local community with this family friendly scavenger hunt. See if you can find each of the items below and tick them off as you go!

Fitness Scavenger Hunt:

Have a go at our fitness scavenger hunt to get your heart rate up and explore your local area at the same time! Simply follow the instructions on
the laminated sheet. Remember you can adjust the activities to your ability!

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