Local Projects

A Selection of Non-European Estuary Projects

Various small-scale projects, which have grown out of our role in providing Secretariat Services for key estuary-wide groups. These have frequently focused on aspects of Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management, climate change education projects and projects related to planning policy around the Estuary.

Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

Flood Risk Management Strategy

Assistance with collation of responses to the Second Consultation on the Environment Agency’s Flood Risk Management Strategy for the Severn Estuary


Severn SMP2 Action Plan & North Devon and Somerset SMP2 monitoring

Assistance with the monitoring of SMP2 actions by relevant bodies around the Estuary and along the N Devon and Somerset coasts for relevant Coastal Groups.


Severn Estuary SMP2

N Devon & Somerset SMP2


YoCCo Forum Beacons Project

The All-Wales Young People’s Climate Change Forum (YoCCo Forum) was funded by the Beacons Project (2009 – 2011) and the INTERREG IVB IMCORE project. It was a collaboration between Cardiff University, the Wales Youth Forum for Sustainable Development, the Severn Estuary Partnership and Techniquest.

We tried to influence the way young people in Wales think about their role and influence in a world with a changing climate, informed by best available science. We did this by:

  • Training academics and policy makers in engagement techniques
  • Setting up regional youth fora to review adaptation options for climate change impacts
  • Produced an education pack for Welsh secondary schools and colleges
  • Produced a “young people’s climate change response” policy document to inform decision makers about young people’s views on climate change adaptation.


Planning Policy Reviews

Various reviews of planning policy around the Severn Estuary and Inner Bristol Channel for the Environment Agency and previously the National Rivers Authority. These informed the reviews of climate change policies around the Estuary undertaken as part of IMCORE.

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