Severn Estuary Spring Clean 2023

Severn Estuary Spring Clean 2023

Join us for some spring cleaning on the Severn Estuary! Joining forces with the Marine Conservation Society, Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Britain Tidy, we are calling on all litter picking groups, individuals, community groups and businesses to pitch in to reduce the flow of litter into our seas. Help us to #SpruceUpTheSevern! 

The Severn Estuary is part of a wider landscape made up of catchments and tributaries, so actions we take in the Estuary catchment will ultimately impact on the estuary as a whole. Removing litter in the catchment reduces the flow of litter into the estuary and our oceans. Working from source to sea is key!

If you’re interested in taking part in a local clean up, or organising your own, please get in touch!

We have plenty of information on our website to help you get started on planning your own beach clean or litter pick. Take a look at our map of cleans below to see if there is a clean happening in your local area and take a look at our best practice guidance below before you attend or organise a beach clean to find out how you can protect the Severn Estuary while you litter pick!

Litter Picking Tips:

Find out how you can help keep your local beaches and coastline for everyone to enjoy while protecting the special features of the Severn Estuary. 

  1. Stick to public rights of way and avoid trampling sensitive habitats like saltmarsh and reefs of Sabellaria (honeycomb tubeworm).
  2. Leave natural materials behind and don’t take any rocks plants or other items home.
  3. Avoid disturbing wildlife.
  4. Keep your dog under effective control to protect wildlife by avoiding disturbance along the coast, especially where birds are feeding, breeding and resting.
  5. Check tide times and weather forecasts before you visit the coast.

For more information take a look at the Beach Cleaning Best Practice Guidelines for the Severn Estuary.

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